Tired of feeling tight and having a lack of flexibility, mobility? Well leave the old static stretching behind and experience the non-aggressive, pain free method of Fascial Stretch Therapy™. FST™ is used by Olympic and professional athletes to enhance performance, prevent injuries and improve recovery. Blueprint2Fitness Stretch Therapy is certified to perform FST™ on anyone, athlete or not, young or old. FST™ is also a great compliment to other modalities such as chiropractic care or acupuncture.


Fascial Stretch Therapy™

Who Needs Fascial Stretch Therapy™ 
Everyone! One of the most ignored aspects of aging and athletic performance is the loss of flexibility in our joints, muscles and fascia.  This process starts well before one reaches middle age and begins even sooner in amateur and professional athletes.  As we begin to lose flexibility our joints deteriorate, posture sags, physical appearance changes, muscular imbalances develop and we become more prone to pain and injury from simple actions. Unlike traditional stretching that attempts to isolate and stretch specific muscles, FST™ creates lasting change and dramatically improves your flexibility by decompressing your joints and unwinding the connective tissue “fabric” of your body. It improves performance and reduces recovery time for athletes of all ages. Stay active and reduce injuries as you age. This remarkable technique can benefit anyone from high-school athletes seeking to avoid injury and gain a competitive edge to retired golfers wanting to improve and enjoy their game rather than focus on pain from sore muscles & joints.

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Personal Training

Whether your goals include weight loss, weight management, body fat reduction, muscle tone, increased flexibility, cardiovascular health or an increase in muscle mass, and you’re in need of personal training to reach your fitness goal; we’ll create an individualized program for you. Blueprint 2 Fitness is here to help. We offer one on one training as well as couples’ personal training. Our personal training includes a customized workout program, body analysis, eating habits analysis and online support. Our personal training session combines both cardio and resistance training, giving you a dynamic workout.

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